You use the setup questionnaire to help reduce your implementation workload by streamlining the task of setting up the new company. You can generate the setup questionnaire in Microsoft Dynamics NAV and then provide it to your customer as an Excel (.xls) or XML file.

You can change all default values in a questionnaire to more closely match customer needs.

For more information about defining setup values in supply planning fields, see Setup Best Practices: Supply Planning.

When your customer completes the questionnaire, you import the file into the customer's new Microsoft Dynamics NAV company, which you have created based on industry-specific data templates that match the questionnaire. You and your customer validate the questionnaire answers before you apply them to the database, and then work directly in the database to set up the company.

The following table describes the sequence of tasks with links to topics that describe them. These tasks are listed in the order in which you generally perform them.


Review, export, and complete the setup questionnaire.

How to: Complete the Configuration Questionnaire

Validate the responses that are provided by the customer.

How to: Validate the Configuration Questionnaire

Transfer answers from the setup questionnaire to setup tables in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

How to: Apply Answers from the Configuration Questionnaire

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